The Factory | Minnesota's 24 Hour Skatepark

Started in 2011 with an idea to give keys for riders to have their own personal indoor skatepark like a 24 hour fitness, Evan Moyle & myself signed our lives away on a warehouse lease. Dealing with major debt over the years & trying to make our dream as sustainable as possible, we slowly turned The Factory into one of the longest running indoor parks in the country. Not to mention the facility has cranked out some of the world’s most talented youth. We make our products to help continue supporting the future of our youth and our indoor facility. If you do love the idea of The Factory, please enter your email in the subscribe box on this page & also Like on Facebook. I do personally fulfill all orders myself & look forward to shipping you something as well. I throw in free stickers with every order, thank you so much for all of your support. –Dustin Grice

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